Tasting Room Metrics

1. # Visitors

Total number of drinking-age adults who walked through your tasting room doors, excluding Tour Drivers & Guides but including Trade Visits and Wine Club Members.  If you only count Tastings, that is not ideal but acceptable.  

 2. # Club Visitors

Total number of Club Members who visited the tasting room (excluding any Club Member guests).  Include ALL Club Sign-ups regardless of where they came from.

3.  # Tasting Fees

Total number of tasting fees actually charged.  This number is important for representing the total opportunity lost by those who did not purchase enough to waive your tasting fee.

Wine Club Metrics

4. # New Member Sign Ups

Total new club sign-ups regardless of whether the new member signed up in the Tasting Room, online, or some other source. Do not subtract monthly drop-offs. As with Purchases, if a couple signs up for one wine club membership, this will be reported as one club sign-up.

5. # Active Members

Total number of active wine club members on the last day of the month. Active is defined as receiving a shipment in the last 6 months.

6. Club Non-Shipments $

Total Revenue & Bottles Sold from Wine Club members outside of their allotted club run order. For example, when a club member visits the Tasting Room and makes a purchase, purchases outside of their allotted club run order, and Club Members calling or emailing to purchase more wine.

Revenue, Bottle & Order Metrics

We collect total monthly Revenue, Bottles Sold, and Orders for each of the following channels.  However, we do not collect Bottles Sold nor Orders for On-Site Events and Off-Site Events.

7. Tasting Room $

Total amount of in-person Tasting Room Revenue after discount, i.e. what the customer actually paid, from all customer types (wine club, employee, industry, etc.). Includes Tasting Fees, merchandise/apparel, food sales, and other non-wine sales. Excludes taxes, shipping, and revenue from other DTC channels outlined below. If food is part of the tasting experience, and no more than 10% of your revenue when included, then you can leave it in.

8 Club Shipments $

Total wine Revenue (case goods only) for shipments and pickups only. Please exclude taxes, shipping, etc. If a wine club member visits the tasting room and makes purchases outside of their allotted club run order, that non-shipped revenue should go under tasting room wine revenue.

9. Online / E-Commerce $

Total Revenue via the winery’s website(s) including remote (offsite) buyers and those who use winery kiosks / computers (on-site)

10. Phone / Email $

Total Revenue via phone, email, or text whether inbound or outbound

13. On-Site Event $

Total Revenue for events generally held in the tasting room or on winery property including Wine Club, private events hosted / rented by guests, and related happenings 

14. Off-Site Event $

Total Revenue for events held off-site including off-site road shows, off-site tastings, co-sponsored events, and related happenings. Includes private tasting events held at homes, restaurants, or other private offsite locations.

15. Other DTC

Additional DTC Revenue received from another relevant or significant source that does not fit into any categories above. Can be used to round / calculate Total Winery DTC Revenue to 100%

16. Distribution

Total Revenue invoiced in the month from Distribution