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Community Benchmark helps executive directors and their member wineries understand what’s truly driving incremental sales.

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Know Your Impact

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Gain Credibility & Support

When armed with data, you’ll be able to demonstrate your impact to even the most skeptical of your members.

Wine Tasting

Bring New Ideas to the Table

Detailed data allows you to get insight on opportunities and stimulate new marketing and growth ideas.

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Scale and Grow Your Initiatives

When you know what’s working and what’s not, you know which initiatives to support even more aggressively.

Community Benchmark for Destination Marketers

Insights for Destination Marketers

By providing Executive Directors insights, visualization and comparative analysis based on our unique aggregated data, Community Benchmark makes it possible for you to monitor the return on your regional development promotions and efforts. What’s working, and what’s not? Now you can measure the impact of your programs with real numbers and data, not just guesswork.

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Aggregated Views

See the aggregated results of the participating wineries in your region and uncover performance drivers.

Benchmark Comparisons

Compare the performance of your region to the performance of similar regions to unlock insights on new growth strategies.

Insights for Wineries

Wineries can segment and visualize their own sales performance over time and compare it to aggregate and average performance of the region as a whole to understand what promotions truly drove incremental sales.

Community Benchmark Winery Dashboard

Data You Can Use

Both wineries and Executive Directors can access valuable data visualizations to help uncover performance trends and new opportunities.

Association Dashboard - YOY Visitors

Segmented Sales Data

See sales performance broken down across a number of channels.

Trend Lines

Identify and compare growth trends.

YoY Comparisons

Easily check your Year-over-Year performance.

Community Benchmark is used and trusted by more than 120 wineries already, and growing fast.

What Our Members Say

“Community Benchmark will either validate your strategy or tell you that you need to look at things differently… I’ve already adjusted our wine club plan and there are lots of actionable items like this.”
— Sean Hubbard, DTC Sales & Hospitality Manager, Grgich Hills
Sean Hubbard, DTC Sales & Hospitality Manager, Grgich Hills

Elizabeth Miller
“I wouldn’t have solid confidence in affirming or negating changes we’ve made without this.”
— Elizabeth Miller, Director of Winery Hospitality, Burgess Cellars

“What I love about this is you immediately show me where my opportunities are…”
— Jessica Link, General Manager, Davis Estates
Jessica Link

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