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Establish A Culture Of Data Driven Success.

Easy To Use POS Reporting to guide sales results with your team.

Key Matrics

Stay Focused On What Matters Most

Save Time

Combine multiple POS reports in one dashboard with only the metrics that matter to your winery.  Eliminate valuable staff time spent gathering, formatting, and analyzing data so that you can spend more time selling and communicating with your team.

Engage Team

Give everyone access to easily and regularly visualize the information they need to know, when they need to know it so that everyone can row in the same direction and be proactive about managing performance.

Goal Achievement

Quickly learn what goals are most important for you to focus on and know exactly what goal is achievable.  Set SMARTER goals, a goal properly set is 50% already achieved. 

Revolutionize Your Reporting with Our Game-Changing Software

Easily find out who are the top sales associates, popular SKU’s, bestselling products, and more. Discover the success stories that will inspire and motivate your team.
Streamline Goal Management & Forecasting – Simply set your annual goals and let our calculation engine provide you with monthly targets based on past performance. Update automatically throughout the year, giving you a clear picture of your adjusted targets and progress at all times.
Effortlessly automate and personalize updates sent to your team on your desired schedule. Share achievements, outstanding performers, and progress to inspire and motivate your team.
Quickly uncover and interpret essential metrics and trends with our user-friendly and visual reports.

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