Month: October 2018

Three levers to increase tasting room sales – Part Two: Purchase Conversion

There are three main sales levers you can use today to increase your revenue: Visitors, Purchase Conversion, and Sales Per Purchase.   In this article we are focusing on Purchase Conversion. Wines & Vines articulates the value of purchase conversions in their article on the ROI of Training: “Conversion to Buyer: Let’s pretend that with training, we […]

Announcing Mendocino County benchmark and sub-regions

Mendocino tasting rooms now have access to more data than ever, thanks to a re-organization of the region within Community Benchmark.  Now there is one “Mendocino County” benchmark which includes both the 101 Corridor and the Anderson Valley.  This is great because it means a larger data set and greater access to community trends. What […]

Three levers to increase tasting room sales – Part One: Visitation

Part One: Visitation — Three levers to increase tasting room sales “How do I know what to focus on in my Tasting Room to increase our profitability?” Great question!  That’s exactly where Community Benchmark comes in. When you look at your numbers in comparison to your neighbors, you can get a true sense of what’s not […]