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With Community Benchmark as your guide, learn the new possible and discover hidden sales opportunities.

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Community Benchmark is used by…

Elizabeth Miller
“I wouldn’t have solid confidence in affirming or negating changes we’ve made without this.”
— Elizabeth Miller, Director of Winery Hospitality, Burgess Cellars

Owners & Managers

We guarantee to identify the most immediate and impactful ways to grow your DTC sales. Community Benchmark is absolutely committed to helping your sales staff work smarter, not harder.

Association Directors

Gain true insight into the most important trends of your membership and how you compare to similar destinations to improve event planning, promotional results, and fundraising. Community Benchmark is the platform to monitor your community development challenges and goals. Click for details

Wine Communities

In the destination wine business, a win for your neighbor is a win for you and your destination. Community Benchmark’s data-pooling algorithms and unique sharing methods prove true the old saying that a rising tide lifts all boats.

Jon Passow, Tasting Room Manager, McFadden Farms
“Community Benchmark has made the world of difference when it comes to analyzing how our tasting room performs on a month to month basis. Its simple, easy to use interface makes tracking and comparing a breeze!”
— Jon Passow, Tasting Room Manager, McFadden Farms

Winery data

It’s simple: we process your data and display it back to you, highlighting your biggest opportunities for growth.

Being able to quickly review your most important business metrics over time is important. Understanding how your metrics compare with other wineries like yours is critical.

DTC Revenue Comparison

1. Discover Opportunity

Looking at your own numbers by themselves will only take you so far. Community Benchmark provides an exclusive layer of data-driven intelligence that reveals big opportunity.

2. Be In the Know

We alert you to crucial movements in your key performance indicators and just as importantly, those of your destination.

3. Focus

No more wondering which sales goals to focus on, or guessing how high to set them. Community Benchmark shows you exactly what’s possible in your location.

The Result

Your team will truly understand your sales performance and focus your resources to achieve marked sales improvement.

Doug Stewart, Owner, Lichen Estate
“It gives us insight into trends in our broader region, beyond our front door. It provides a benchmark against which to measure our own performance and allows us to focus on improvements most needed.”
— Doug Stewart, Owner, Lichen Estate

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