Central Coast

Year-to-date, year-over-year data is from a potential 73 tasting rooms across the Central Coast, CA which participate in Community Benchmark.


Visitation in 2021 was up +28.9% vs. 2020. (-31.1% YTD 2021 vs 2019)

Tasting Room sales:

Tasting Room sales in 2021 were up +72.8% vs. 2020. (+6.3% vs. 2019)

Wine Club Total Sales:

Wine Club total sales in 2021 were up +7.2% vs. 2020. (+13.3% vs. 2019)


Phone/email sales in 2021 were down -5.3% vs. 2020.  (+2.2% vs. 2019).  Online sales were down -14.8% vs. last year. (+95.6% vs. 2019)

* Includes data from Central Coast, CA (Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz Mountains).


ABOUT Community Benchmark: Community Benchmark is a Santa Rosa, CA based software company helping wineries identify growth opportunities by comparing key performance metrics with their peers.

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