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Monthly Regional Summary

Newsletter___Data_for_reminders_-_Google_Sheets-4We hope you find the year over year regional community benchmarks below valuable for Community Benchmark visitation and sales.

* How to read this chart: “The average tasting room in {REGION} has changed XX% this year.” The number next to each region is how many wineries are participating, and the percentage below shows how many of those are reporting data for this time period.

Success at SFLuxe 2019 Wineries Boot Camp!

Click HERE to watch the replay of John’s talk given to close out the 2019 SFLuxe Wineries Boot Camp, given at the Lincoln Theater in Yountville, CA on March 28, 2019.

We’re hiring and raising funds

We have been working hard to raise a Seed Round of investment so that we can dramatically improve the service and insights.  We have made some great progress and have secured commitments from several influential wine business owners.  We hope to close the round this month and then we will be hiring:

If you know any wine project investors or anyone that could be a good fit for our team, please let us know!

Curated resources just for you

We like to keep our eyes and ears open for helpful resources & articles for you.  Take a look:

 What our members say

“Community Benchmark has made the world of difference when it comes to analyzing how our tasting room performs on a month to month basis. Its simple, easy to use interface makes tracking and comparing a breeze!”
— Jon Passow, Tasting Room Manager, McFadden Farms

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– John & Team Community Benchmark

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