Lodi Cb Townhall

Community Benchmark partnered with WISE Academy to host Lodi Town Hall on July 26th.

In addition to presenting the latest Lodi & Industry Trends, we had a LIVELY discussion of Strategies & Tactics to improve Tasting Room Average Order Values.

Below are the highlights of what Lodi wineries discussed as their favorite ideas of what to change in their Tasting Room:

Increase Staff’s Opportunity for Success:

  • Increasing staff to guest ratio 1:4
  • Create a friendly but competitive environment for staff to compete for sales and club sign-ups.
  • Create a leaderboard for staff to see their performance compared to one another.
  • Open book management: share successes, failures, and big picture revenue goals.
  • “Brainstorm and Bagels”-enforce the team environment by hosting get togethers to discuss sales improvement strategies.
  • Host more cross-winery events to foster a community environment within your region.

Add Depth to your Tasting Room Experience:

  • Create ‘Tiers of Experiences” for your clientele-offer elevated experiences.
  • Freebies decrease perceived value-find other ways to incentivize clients!
  • Reach out to high-value members and provide special offers-provide unique offerings.
  • Design your wine tasting menu with up-sells in mind.
  • Get the most out of Wine Club Members: require a 6 bottle purchase to join the club.

Outside of the Tasting Room Experience:

  • Increase bottles purchased per order-provide shipping incentives for higher-priced bottles or amount of bottles.
  • Leverage competitive pricing research against other regions.
  • Offer incentives or deals based on target client’s purchase history.
  • Charge for all events! Ensure that staff has event-specific goals.

Hosting these events are not only informative, but a great way to see the purpose of Community Benchmark in action. Don’t miss your region’s Town Hall!


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View the full presentation here.