Welcome to February!  It’s “Data Day” here at Community Benchmark — a day to reflect on your progress in your tasting room and to bring the power of benchmarking into practice.  Enter your data today and see your progress & opportunities.

A big highlight in January was being the darling at the Wine Symposium “DTC Metrics . . . Internal Dashboards + External Data” featuring three panelists who all urged the audience to participate in Community Benchmark.

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Monthly Regional Summary

We hope you find the year over year regional community benchmarks below valuable for your tasting room’s visitation and sales.


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* How to read this chart: “The average tasting room in Napa has changed XX% this year.” The number next to each region is how many wineries are participating, and the percentage below shows how many of those are reporting data for this time period.

Wine Symposium Success

Did you have a chance to attend the big DTC Wine Symposium in Concord this month?

  • Community Benchmark received glowing reviews and endorsements from the panelists – thank you for your kind words and so glad to hear that Community Benchmark has been providing the tools you need for benchmarking and measuring success for you
  • they urged additional participants to join; we appreciate your help in spreading the word!
  • links to PDFs of the presentations HERE

Partnerships with Business Impact & WISE

 We are continuing to build ways to simplify the process of getting your data in so that we can help you get to your opportunities and insights faster.

Business Impact helps us do just that and we are already working to automate the data import each month with a few wineries.

We are also very excited to be working with WISE – the Wine Industry Sales Education.  Check out some of their great work here on their site.

Log in & enter your Data

Our goal is always to help you discover your specific insights and areas for improvement and profitability in your tasting room.  To learn more or book a demo, click here; for existing members, today is the perfect day to log in here and enter your data to see where you stand:

Log in now and add your data

As always, we welcome any feedback and thank you for being a part of our community!


– John & Team Community Benchmark

PS – Help spread the love!  Know anyone that would benefit from knowing where they stand relative to their community?  Referrals are always warmly welcomed.

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