YOY table overview

We added an exciting new feature this week, built right into the Community Benchmark dashboard: year-over-year views of key Tasting Room stats.

This means that as soon as members enter their data each month, they’ll instantly see how each month’s numbers compare to the same month last year AND to their community.

For current members, this would be a good time to get up-to-date on your data entry so you can see all these insights! You can even go back and enter data from past years to get the most value.


YOY table detail

Here are some details: Current members now have access to year-over-year views (YOY) of Visitors, Wine Sales, Sales per Purchase and Club Conversion. Remember those last two are what we call “size agnostic” stats, meaning that it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, or how many cases of wine you produce each year, you can compare your Sales per Purchase and your Club Conversion rates with anyone in your community to see where you stand.

For each stat, you’ll see your tasting room (“My TR”), the community average and percent reporting (“Community”), and how your stat compares to the community average (“Index”).


What’s the Index?

Index is the percent difference on a stat comparing you with your community. Imagine your community averaged 1,000 Visitors in March. If you had 500 Visitors, your March Visitors Index would be 50%. If you had 1,000 Visitors, it would be 100%; and if you had 1,500 Visitors it would be 150% (wouldn’t that be awesome).

Existing members can sign in here: https://app.communitybenchmark.com/

Want a tour of the system?  Request a demo today

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