Congratulations Paso Robles!  Tasting Room Sales up 35%

A busy September gave way to an even busier October in Paso. Community Benchmark data shows tasting room sales up 35% month over month, with visitor traffic up 20%. This means Paso saw an uptick in visitation, but even more of an increase in sales. Great news!

In October, Paso hosted the annual Harvest Wine Weekend, a clear driver of both tasting room traffic and conversion to sales. With Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino suffering from decreased traffic and revenues, Paso saw increased tourism in an already busy month.

September to October Change
Tasting Room Revenue+35%

As you examine your own data, what questions can you ask yourself to help you analyze your trends more dynamically?

  • How do your October numbers compare to last year?
  • Where did your traffic come from? Were guests in town specifically for the Harvest Wine Weekend, or had they been planning on visiting wine regions in the North Bay that were affected by the fires?
  • What was your average spend per person over the Harvest Wine Weekend, was it higher or lower than the rest of the month?

As you design your plan for the coming year, think about what you will change next October. As the Harvest Wine Weekend attendance grows, think about creating unique campaigns that will differentiate your brand and drive buyers to your tasting room. Identify sales opportunities in your tasting room, and make sure you are properly staffed for events.

We look forward to diving deep into Paso’s annual data and uncovering trends in the next few months. Stay tuned!

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