The Community Benchmark team is very excited to introduce our new Developer, Martin Jackal!

2021 has been a year of growth within the company. Earlier this year we doubled our Support team and now we have doubled our Developer team as well! This substantial growth allows us to increase product development and we plan on releasing features/updates monthly.

Martin lives in Croatia and has a strong history as a Senior Frontend Developer. He has worked together with our other developer, Marko Benko, on other projects and is pleased to continue that team effort at Community Benchmark. He got his master’s degree in Information Systems from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Croatia. His expertise in Python, JavasSript and SQL serve him well in designing functional and useful systems.

When Martin is not hard at work rolling out new features for Community Benchmark, he enjoys playing the violin. His lifelong ambition is to work on scientific projects. As a developer, he built the whole front-end infrastructure for TelSmart, an innovative Belgian VOIP telephone provider. TelSmart has created a telephony platform with a focus on simplicity for super-efficient client and employee communication. “If you want to set up a flex-work culture with ease, then it’s a key tool.”

His favorite food is Sarma (minced meat wrapped in greens).

Thanks, Martin, for joining the team!  We are glad you are here.

Martin Jakal

ABOUT Community Benchmark: Community Benchmark is a Santa Rosa, CA based software company helping wineries identify growth opportunities by comparing key performance metrics with their peers.