Navigating 2021 

A Compass To Grow DTC sales


Including Key Insights To Date

Thursday June 3rd @ 10:00 AM

~ A Virtual Conversation ~

Please join John Keleher, Founder, Nick Rood, Member Executive at Community Benchmark, Lesley Berglund, Chairman of the WISE Academy , and Wineshipping for a data driven and lively conversation on how wineries overall and specifically top performers are succeeding in the current economic and social environment.

Discover an inside perspective and Top Performer results in the first 4 months of 2021 including:

  • Visitation – unique trends by region …. are we back to 2019 levels?
  • Average Order Volume – what AOV trends you should see and how to affect it?
  • Club Revenues – where are we seeing growth and effective best practices?
  • Digital Sales – is the growth holding?  What are the opportunities?

To register for our virtual conversation please CLICK HERE.