Community Intelligence Report for Amador – September 2020

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Amador Lags While Industry Climbs In September

Amador September1

(*note that only wineries with complete and accurate data for 2019 and 2020 are included)

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Amador September3

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Community Benchmark Member Spotlight

Janae Plasse
Jenae Plasse
Partner / Chief Operating Officer
Andis Wines

What is your favorite wine / food pairing?

I love a dry Semillon (Andis 2018 Old Vine Semillon) with steamed mussels in garlic and white wine sauce.

What is your favorite wine business metric?

I like to look at dollar sales per transaction because it shows if people are enjoying our wine and actually taking something home with them versus just doing the tasting. It also helps us to strive to upgrade our sales techniques and determine what our customers are looking for.

What is a unique management challenge you’re facing right now and how are you dealing with it?

Finding staff surprisingly. We are very thankful to be open as many businesses still are not, but due to COVID we’ve had to completely alter the way we operate our tasting room and it requires more staff. In spite of the large unemployment numbers due to the State government shutting down many businesses, we’ve struggled to even get applicants for our job openings. No one seems to want to work when you can get a fatter check from the government for being unemployed. It’s an interesting time for anyone trying to run a business right now, big or small. We are reaching out to friends and family to help with general operations and stay open right now.

Parting thought for the month?

I love the data from Community Benchmark. There’s SO much to review and it’s really helpful to not only see how we’re doing individually but also compared to our peers. So many wine facts and data are skewed because of the Napa region, it’s nice to see more realistic numbers and outlook for wineries of our size and location.

Thank you, Janae!