2018 is drawing to a close — December is here! What does this mean for your DTC sales at Community Benchmark?

Community Benchmark now has 140 members in 6 regions.  If you are interested in finding out more specific information, feel free to Contact Us or just reply to this email.


Monthly Regional Summary

We hope you find the year over year community benchmarks below valuable for Community Benchmark visitation and sales.

Oct YOY Sales and Visitation by Region* How to read this chart: “The average tasting room in {REGION} has changed XX% this year.” The number next to each region is how many wineries are participating, and the percentage below shows how many of those are reporting data for this time period.

The wildfires of last October had a major impact on sales; how did this October compare?

  • Napa saw a HUGE increase in both sales and visitation compared to last year.
  • Tasting rooms by-appointment-only saw a larger effect than wineries open to the public as visitors returned to enjoy the fine wines and enjoy experiences.
  • YOY visitation was down for San Luis Obispo and Mendocino

Vin65/WineDirect integrations in pilot phase

We have been hard at work to get integrated with the WineDirect API to directly pull monthly metrics into Community Benchmark.  If you’re ready to take the next step, reply here and we will help get the API webservice account set up.  Our goal is always to help you get to your insights in the best way possible!

Am I excluded from the community averages?

 Yes.  We recently updated the way the benchmarks are calculated and presented so that the community data that you see excludes yourself.  The main effect this has is that you will appear farther away from the average in{REGION}.

Your data is still included in the community, but when you look at the community data, it will be a more accurate reflection of what is happening in the community around you.

Paso Robles Sub-Regions are live

Tasting Rooms in Paso Robles can now refine their comparative set with Community Benchmark using the new sub-region filter.  Paso Robles can now filter by West, East and Adelaida Rd.  Sub-regions will be coming for Napa Valley!  Stay tuned….


Paso Sub Regions for Community Benchmark 

Back to Basics Part 3: Increase Revenue by Focusing on Sales Per Purchase

You’ve done the work on getting visitors into your tasting room.  Good – they have decided to buy.   Now comes the third lever impacting your revenue: how much will they spend per purchase?

Read more to find out & see monthly Napa Sales Per Purchase trends for 2018.  How much are customers willing to spend and how can you increase it?

3 Sales Levers

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As always, we welcome any feedback and thank you for being a part of our community!


– John & Team Community Benchmark

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