Community Intelligence Report for Paso – December 2020

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Paso Dips Below Market After Several Months Of Riding Exceptional Visitation


(*note that only wineries with complete and accurate data for 2019 and 2020 are included)

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Community Benchmark Member Spotlight

Tablas Creek Proprietor Jason Haas In Nursery With Sadie

Jason Haas
Owner of Tablas Creek Vineyard

Member Spotlight: Jason Haas

What is your favorite wine business metric and why? Club conversion percentage. It measures how well you’re doing creating super-fans in your tasting room, and so much else flows from that.

What is your favorite wine / food pairing? Fried chicken and dry rosé.

Do you have a thought for the month? We’re fortunate in the wine business to have had to figure out e-commerce and delivery in the past decade-plus. That’s made it possible for us to make the pivots that Covid has required. We didn’t realize that all that work was training for this moment!

What is unique about how you got into the wine business? My dad was a wine importer, so I made my first visit to a vineyard at 5 months, and have photographic evidence.

What do you love about managing a wine business? The variety that it encompasses, from agriculture to chemistry to art to sales and marketing. No day is the same as another.

What is a unique management challenge you’re facing right now and how are you dealing with it? We’re trying to minimize the number of people in the winery, with anyone who can working from home as much as possible. Keeping communication lines open is a constant struggle when we’re all used to knowing what’s happening just by osmosis as we occupy a space.

Are there any unique ways your winery is using data? I feel like we were ahead of the game here. We have weekly data going back to 2004 with things like tasting room traffic and sales, wine club conversion and retention, the percentage of people who pay tasting fees, etc. But having Community Benchmark’s tools to compare how we’re doing against our cohort is invaluable.

What is unique about your winery amongst other wineries in your region? (e.g. not just small and family owned) We’re the first winery in the world to be Regenerative Organic Certified.

What have you learned so far from Community Benchmark Insights and has that or how has it been valuable to you? That many of the statistical movements that we attributed to our own great management were really mostly reflections of broader trends (and vice versa).

Thank you, Jason!