Community Intelligence Report for Sonoma Valley Region – August 2020

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Sonoma Valley Carried by Club Shipments & Digital Growth

Compared to July of 2019, Sonoma Valley experienced smaller Total DTC Sales losses of -10.1% versus other California regions which were down -11.4%.

(*note that only wineries with complete and accurate data for 2019 and 2020 are included)


Sonoma Valley Wine DTC Aug 2020
August DTC Sales in Sonoma Valley benefited from strong Club Shipments and Digital Growth in phone and online sales.

Sonoma Valley DTC Aug 2020

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Sonoma Valley Wine TR Sales
Sonoma Valley outperformed in Purchase Conversion growth and Average Order Value of $131.

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Community Benchmark Member Spotlight

Michael Longerbeam
Michael Longerbeam
DTC Manager, Dry Creek Vineyards

What is your favorite wine / food pairing?

A classic. Steak and a big Bordeaux style wine. When the steak is well seasoned, it brings out all my favorite wine flavors.

What is unique about how you got into the wine business?

Started in silicon valley high tech, so I bring that skill set to the wine business.

What is your favorite wine business metric?

YTD Net Revenue per Channel. It is a simple and effective way to analyze DTC results by channel over time, and view the interplay between channels. Example…wineries are seeing a drop in tasting room revenue now, yet other channels could be over indexing. This is even more powerful when compared to YAGO as well as a competitive set.

What do you love about managing a wine business?

The balance between business management and living the wine lifestyle

What is a unique management challenge you’re facing right now and how are you dealing with it?

Growing DTC sales during COVID. We’re leveraging other DTC channels for growth

Are there any unique ways your winery is using data?

Using data for targeted reactivation and retention

Thank you, Michael!