Community Intelligence Report for Sonoma Region – July 2020

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Sonoma Valley DTC Down -21% In July – Plagued By Visitation

In July 2020, Total DTC Sales in Sonoma shrunk -21.3% from July 2019.

Nearly all regions in California were down in July (except the Central Coast) resulting in a July year over year decline -8.6%.



The primary driver of the decline in was in the Tasting Room based on a steeper decline in Sonoma Valley Tasting Room sales being down -43% compared to -31% across other California regions.

The slightly unique Sonoma Valley Tasting Room decline was a result of a similarly unique decline in Tasting Room Visitation.

Sonoma Visitation

On the other hand, Sonoma Valley Tasting Rooms performed better with the Visitors they had improving conversion to purchase (+7% vs. +3% All) and keeping pace on industry average sale increases (+23% vs. +25% All)


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Digital Sales

The digital shift is on!

Based on the lower starting point of last year’s “Digital Sales,” Sonoma had more room to grow and are rapidly closing the gap.

Sonoma Digital Wine Sales

Below you can see that Sonoma Digital (Online + Phone) Sales grew significantly as 2019 percentage of Digital Sales was 16% which grew to 42% of Total DTC in July this year.  The efforts to meet consumers where they are (typically at home or available virtually) was imperative to offset the losses in the Tasting Room.

Sonoma Wine Digital Sales

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