NVV DTC Workshop (April 2018)John presented to the Napa Valley Vintners last month¬†about how Tasting Rooms can employ “data-ism” — essentially how using data and analysis to confirm or deny your business strategies is the key to effective tasting room management.

So first things first, what better than to be able to review your data for a given year all at once, and edit it?

This is why we’re excited to announce the Annual Data Form for your monthly Tasting Room and Wine Club data.

See all your data for each year in one table, with the ability to scroll between years, review and edit each entry and add new data when each month opens up for entry. You’ll see your changes immediately in your Annual Data Form, as well as in your tables and graphs after you Save and return to the main dashboard.

View definitions for each metric right above the Annual Form by opening the Instructions and Data Definitions panel. Click on a definition to open it in the adjacent window. Close the panel from the upper right anytime to save screen space. Navigate between years (save your data first!) with the year toggles at the top of the form.

Getting into the form is simple — just click on the “All Data” box to the left of the months on your main dashboard view, and exit anytime by clicking the X in the upper right.

Existing members can check it out today by logging in to your dashboard.

Not a member yet and want to know more? Schedule a demo with us!


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