It is finally here!  Community-wide Winery DTC Benchmarking for the state of Oregon.

Partnership Announcement

The Oregon Wine Board is proud to announce the successful application for a Specialty Crop Block Grant from the Oregon Department of Agriculture that establishes an exciting partnership with Community Benchmark and WISE Academy. 

Oregon Wine BoardCommunity Benchmark Wise Academy

This is an unprecedented opportunity for Oregon wineries to accelerate data driven decision making and drive DTC success.

If you missed our state-wide The OWB Launch Event on Nov. 8th, click the links below to view a couple video segments:

Click here to watch a recording of the Introduction

Click here to watch a recording of the “Story of George” (eg. the what & why)

Signup By 12/15/21 To Receive

2 Year Free membership services for every Oregon winery with a one-time discounted start-up fee that translates to less than $7 per month including:


  • FREE Community Benchmark subscription (2 years) ($1,200 total value)
  • FREE Annual Consultation with WISE Academy (2 years) ($700 value)
  • SETUP FEE Discounted to $150 (save $49)
  • FREE “Accelerate Your DTC” WISE Workshop (save $99)

Please register for the one of the two upcoming launch day events regional associations:

What: Register for the Willamette Valley Wineries Association Launch Event November 11th at 9:00 AM

Wvwa Logo

REGISTER for the WVWA Launch (free)

What: Register for the Rogue Valley Vintners Launch Event November 15th at 11:00 AM

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REGISTER for the RVV Launch (free)

What is Community Benchmark?

Community Benchmark is an online DTC data insights platform.  We help wineries better understand their trends, optimize  goal setting, and identify growth opportunities.

See 60 second Explainer Video here.

What do wineries receive?

  • State of the art DTC Dashboard(s) tracking Tasting Room, Wine Club, E-commerce, Phone, Event sales revenues and key metrics.
  • Monthly Reports with your personalized action items and regional overview.
  • Insights Session(s) – from Community Benchmark and WISE for one on one guidance on your unique growth opportunities. 
  • Tailored regional DTC education workshops from collected data by the WISE Academy experts.

Join the more than 270 wineries world-wide who trust Community Benchmark including…